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Bigger in the South

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Summer of my senior year in college my friend Padmini and I decided that we were going to go camping. The weather was nice, and the idea of an adventure was exciting. Padmini drove up to my school and we decided to take my car over to this campground in Georgia.

The drive was long but fun, we chatted listened to music and enjoyed each other´s company as we made our way to the campground. As we drove further, and further buildings disappeared, and we were met with trees and the beautiful scent of nature.

As two people of color the area was a bit alarming, but that is for an entirely different story. We made it to the campsite safe and sound and set up our gear.

The trip was great. We ate, junk food mostly, I am now a lover of red velvet and Oreo pop tarts. Probably the most fattening of their products. Oh well. We took a great hike on the trail and then the next day when it was time to leave, of course something happened.

Now Padmini and I both had at that time small red cars. Neither of us southern bells had trucks. We had decided that we would take my car to Georgia and everything was peachy until I drove into a small concave while leaving the campground.

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To our utter amusement we were stuck. Reversing. No. Revving. No. We were like glue in hair. We needed to be pulled out. So now here we are standing as the ass and back wheel of my car are in the air.

When a situation with your car arises the most logical thing is to call for road assistance. Tell me though how we were so far out into the boonies that neither of us could get cell service.

I looked up to the sky and I cackled. How in the world was this happening? What were the chances that this would happen? All the frustration and anxiety resulted in gut clenching, eye watering, knee wobbling laughter.

Padmini looking very lost as to what was happening stared at me as if I was crazy. In that instant I just might have been. From the day we arrived there we saw maybe one or two other people. The road was clear of any cars and the hiking area, where there was a gift shop, even if it wasn’t so far off was closed.

I stood there with the sun beating down on me as I tried to catch my breath, praying that somehow this would be solved. Lo and behold this maintenance guy rolls up on this dry dusty road. He hops out his truck “Looks like y’all need some help”.

The relief that flooded out of my pores was overwhelming. Even as the man pulled us out of that ditch, and we drove away offering all our thanks we did not pass another soul on the road.

I thanked the Lord and said I’m never camping with a car again.

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