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Can you count?

Sometimes you just meet weird people in life. I really believe some people are just around to cause a fuss.

This is another story that takes place in the Netherlands. My friends and I had spent the day out and about. We had decided that day we would do all the very touristy things.

These things included the red-light district. A very interesting place to see. We went to a smoke shop because we have to do and see all the legal things. Of course, we walked around and saw the canals and went to the Amsterdam sign.

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Coming back late from our activities we hopped on the train feeling giddy and tired. We had taken the train two times before, so we were feeling pretty good about getting around the city.

As we are sitting on the train chillaxing a security woman comes up in front of us. Now this lady already came up to us looking very strong in the face. She did not seem happy, or like she wanted to be there.

My friends and I were speaking English obviously. Something very cool about the Netherlands is that a lot of their people speak English and when I say speak, I really mean speak. They can hold full on conversations and their vocabulary is pretty high.

This lady stands in front of us her blonde ponytail pulled exceptionally taut against her head and starts speaking in Dutch. My friends and I all look at each other and I say excuse me we don’t understand. Again, she speaks in Dutch-so now she’s just being annoying.

We look at her our faces probably mirroring images of confusion. Finally, this lady seemingly exasperated by us speaks in English. I understand we’re in your country, but we’re visiting give us a break.

The lady asks for our tickets and we hand it over. We’re paying customers we have nothing to hide. Then the lady points at the wall behind us and says what does that say. We look behind us confused, “exit”. She points again and asks very condescendingly “what does that number say?”.

Understanding now what she wants we answer 1. The lady is looking at us now, we’re just staring at each other because the understanding is not being met. Seeing that we’re lost, and she should probably explain herself she tells us that our tickets our for 2; and we are in 1 the first class.

Truly all she had to do was ask for the ticket and read it and say this is not our section. Even more she could have just left it, it was late, and we were like the only people on the train.

Nonetheless we say sorry and move our little butts up and out of the area. We sat in our new seats and looked at each other astounded and then we laughed because this lady was not going to ruin our good day.

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