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Cuenca-one day trip Madrid

Cuenca is a beautiful place to go for a one-day trip from Madrid. The town is pretty small, and you can get through seeing a majority of their tourist sites in one day. The smallness of the town however does not take away from its beauty. I sent one picture to my friend and she said it reminded her of the scenery from the Disney movie Tangled.

Arriving to Cuenca is fairly easy. You can book a trip on the Renfe train for about 80 euros. The ride is pretty comfortable, there are outlets, so you’ll be able to charge your devices. The ride is about an hour and some change, and the ride goes by pretty quickly.

When we arrived in Cuenca the station was pretty empty, mind you this is the time of corona. However, on the daily I don’t think they get a lot of people. There is a taxi stand, as of now uber is not in Cuenca. We couldn’t get a taxi at the station but later we found Cuenca has their own taxi app; which works great.

A tourist office is right in the center and our taxi driver had maps to give out for tourists so that was very helpful. Thanks Cristian!

There is a bus that comes to the station that takes you into the center of the town. It’s a red bus and you have to pay cash if you don’t have the town’s transportation card. Which you most likely will not; if I remember correctly it was about 2 euros each.

We stayed in a beautiful Airbnb on the outskirts of the town. You do have to call a taxi to get back to the center, but that wasn’t an issue for us. The name of the Airbnb is called Wonder and surprisingly you can find it on google maps.

One of the things to see in Cuenca are the Hanging houses. They’re house that sit very close to a cliffs edge and really give the fairytale vibe. Of course, we had to look at one of the beautiful Cathedrals. I love cathedrals but I’ve seen plenty, I really enjoyed seeing the river Huecar/Jucar. The river looks like a gorgeous blue lagoon and close to it is a beautiful cafe, Restaurant Recreo Peral, where we sat and had some drinks and tapas.

We also saw San Pablo Bridge, sadly that was the last stop on our tour. It was pretty dark, and I don’t walk on bridges in the night, just one of my newly acquired mottos. The view was still beautiful and there was a little look out spot a bit higher up that gave us a beautiful view of the sunset.

Overall, I highly recommend taking some time out of your trip in Madrid to visit Cuenca and enjoy its beauty. You can also do way more, like go on a hike or visit their museums.

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