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Leader not a Follower

I love seeing little funny things that happen in everyday life. One of my first weeks in Madrid I went out to the center with a friend I had made through the auxiliar program. We were out walking around when we stumbled into Puerta del sol.

There was some event occurring in the plaza. If you’re ever in Madrid search around Puerta del Sol and you’re sure to find some interesting event or street performers entertaining the masses. This event we happened upon was on a bigger scale. A huge stage was set up in the middle of the plaza with a variety of performers.

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We were enjoying the different performers, when a band made their way on stage. They were really getting the crowd into their performance, telling them to move right and move left. Everyone was participating including us, even though we weren’t fully understanding what they were saying.

At one point the band tells the audience to all squat down. So, everyone squats but this one man who is standing smack dab in the center of the crowd. Everyone is looking at him motioning him to sit down.

This man has no care in the world and is standing tall with his camera recording the stage and the participating audience. The man on the stage calls out the older man, basically telling him to squat down too.

I almost spit out my water when the older man points down to his protruding stomach and shakes his head like he is so sad. He looks back up at the stage and shrugs his shoulders.

My friend and I start dying, this man was not moving no matter what. He did not give two shits and he stood tall like a big beacon in the middle of the crowd.

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