• Zahra S.

A snake in the Netherlands.

To begin this story we need to know our characters. There were three of us on this European trip. My very good college friend, her roommate and of course myself. We had just left France and had arrived in the Netherlands. Here not only did we want to explore the amazing country we were here to visit some natives.

My friend had meet two boys from the Netherlands on a plane ride, let's call them by their initials D and M. They had actually visited her while we were in college and formed a friendship of the likes.

Now here we are in the Netherlands and things begin to look a little suspicious. Here's the thing you never truly know someone, and what they show is sometimes not all there is to it. D was a good time he was fun to be around played around and was jovial. M on the other hand just kept putting us in situations where we realised he was not the best.

He had said we could crash with him as my friend had allowed him and his friends to do so at her place. Entering the student housing which he shared with roommates we were met with unfriendly stares and fake smiles. Now there were plenty of small things that had us raising our eyebrows but we'll focus on the bigger ones.

As we traveled to his place he told us that a certain bus did not stop in front of his acoomodations. Later while traveling on our own we found that not to be the case.

I asked M about it and all of a sudden he tells us he never said that. My friend and I confused and also find it funny that this boy is going to great lengths to keep up the premise that he did not tell us something differently.

Here's a little advice if someone lies about something so small, just run.

M was very needy and liked to have the attention on him. I was definitely not into that and he took notice and would 'jokingly' tell me that I hated him and that I don't like him. Now I would say he isn't my favourite person in the world; but back then I just didn't care.

We decided we wanted to go to the Anne Frank House and like any tourist we were going to wait in line and go. For some odd reason M tells us his family knows someone who can get us in faster so we don't have to wait in the cold. This sounds great so we say do it. All of a sudden he clams up.

Second lie, should have just left him.

Later we go on a boat ride and all hell breaks loose. We differentiations on liking a female celebrity singer. He thinks she's gorgeous we say she's alright and it's like we have come for his first born child. Now we're annoyed so we begin to argue back. Suddenly our religion is the talk of the town and he tells us we hate gay people. We have never said that in our lives. I know I surely haven't. I was taught to love every human being I am not the people of this world's judge.

Now we are seeing manipulation and I'm tired.

Later that night M says we should go down to hang out with his roommates. Let it be reminded they did not want us there and it seemed like they might have known about us last minute. My friend and I being raised as good guests decide we will go down. As we sit down there uncomfortably I realise we are a show. These are my American friends look at me. The roommates had some choice conversation but that is neither here or there.

Is this narcissism?

When we leave for our flight back to America a bunch of things happen which end with us missing our flight. M and one of his friends S message to ask if we made it alright. We tell them the situation and the first thing M says is "Well I'm going home to my parents." Basically you cannot stay with me, even though no one asked that. His friend on the other hand asked how we were and to let him know how everything goes.

He did his job now it's over.

Finally we get back home. A couple weeks later my friend and I are hanging out when M calls. I'm appalled by his behaviour from the last time we speak so I mention it and the defences go up. Voice starts to rise and I'm now a horrible homophobic person; because in this conversation he now decides to come out as bisexual. Again I do not care, but you will not lie on my character. Without giving me a chance he hangs up then blocks me on facebook. He later picks a fight with my friend ending their friendship.

My friends roommate who was on the trip with us voiced what we did not see. M was a snake.

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