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Spanish lesson

Staring. It is a thing that most people have done once, twice, maybe a hundred times. Traveling you get a few stares, but I don’t think I’ve ever been stared at as much as I have in Spain.

Sometimes I have to double check that I’m actually wearing clothes the way people look at me. Surprisingly enough I always seem to be fully dressed.

When my friends and I were in Valencia we stopped at a bank to take out some money. While waiting we noticed this older lady

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who was standing in front of us gradually turn around. Weird, but nothing too outrageous.

Now that she was facing our direction her eyes were roaming our group and seeming to focus on me. The three of us look at each other and we’re like ‘you see what I see right?’

Our friend who is Hispanic turns to the lady and says “Qué pasa?” The lady looks taken aback that she’s being called out for her blatant staring. She says to us “Oh I’m looking through the window.”

Obvious lie, you could look through the window facing forward and we could literally see your eyes roaming over us. We take her answer and we say okay; she turns around and we think that’s it, the conversation is over.

Oh no no no. This lady now feels like she needs to show us who’s boss. She turns back around, and she says, ‘that’s not how you’re supposed to ask.’ Our friend says she’s Hispanic this is how she talks.

Basically, the lady tells her she’s wrong. So just ignoring another culture. Then she tells us the “correct” way to ask. To tell you the truth I don’t remember what she said and there was a lot of Spanish being flung around.

This uncomfortable staring just turned into I am better than thou. If you could have seen this lady’s face all snooty and scrunched up. In the end we let her have her say, she was going to continue with her mentality anyway.

Now when I am stared at I just pretend I’m a queen and they’re astounded to see me.

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